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10 Movies That Need a Sequel

On January 3, 2011, in Satellite Dish, by admin

There are plenty of movies that have multiple sequels. I’ve begun to think it is considered mandatory for horror films. Yet, there still seems to be many films that could and should have sequels that have not yet had a sequel made. The list could include children’s films, musicals and action films. Creating a sequel always has the standard of the first movie to meet and preferably exceed in order to be a success. I imagine this can be intimidating for some producers but it should be a deterrent. Let’s look at ten possibilities.

  1. Finding Nemo. This animated film was a great hit with kids and adults alike. The ocean is a pretty big place, you would think they that Nemo could manage find at least one or two more adventures. The Little Mermaid didn’t have trouble doing so.
  2. The Incredibles.  A group of super heroes with a variety of powers provide the perfect ground work for a sequel. All you need to make this happen is a new bunch of bad guys for them to take on. I’ve got to believe a follow up or two will be coming for this one.
  3. A Bugs Life. This Pixar animation is another children’s film that is ripe and ready for a sequel. You have a whole flood of characters that live in the miniature world of insects. Several story books have been created using the characters, why not another movie? I’m convinced there will be, perhaps even better than the first one.
  4. Wall-E. I’m not sure parents would want a sequel for this one if they’ve had to listen to the limited dialogue of Wall-E too often in their home but it would be sure to draw an audience from the kids. Perhaps a sequel could include an upgrade to Wall-E’s limited vocabulary.
  5. Mary Poppins. This one is long overdue. There are plenty of other spoiled children around that could use the help of a magical nanny. There’s a whole new generation who need to learn to sing Supercali…ummm… You know, that really long word.
  6. A Christmas Story. This classic is watched year after year by its committed fans. Its simplicity is part of the genius to the humor of this movie. It is the characters that are central to this movie, not the Christmas season. A sequel could easily be created around another theme such as a family vacation or some other event.
  7. Top Gun. A very popular movie from the ’80′s, Top Gun would pull in a large audience with a sequel. All you need is a new good looking young hot shot pilot to take over for Tom Cruise. Add a little romance and some intense fighter flight scenes and we’re on our way to another block buster.
  8. Mama Mia. This was a really fun movie that brought back some great nostalgic music. I’m sure it boosted Abba’s music sales. Let’s have the gals get back together for another reunion. First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes … a baby carriage! The stage is already set for a grandma sequel in my mind.
  9. Big Trouble in Little China. Jack Burton, played by Kurt Russell, had plenty of energy left in him at the end of this movie. All you’d need to do is give him a new setting and let the adventures begin. Perhaps ‘Big Trouble in the Big Apple’?
  10. Avatar. James Cameron pulled off this 3-D film so totally that even those who were sure they wouldn’t like it, were drawn into it. The many unanswered questions in this film make it a perfect fit for a sequel. What exactly was happening back on earth? Why is unobtainium so valued? Plenty of fodder in this movie to lead into a followup.

I’m sure as you read through this list you thought of other films that you would like to see a sequel made for. There were certainly many more than 10 that could have been listed. Some of these older ones may have a remake before they are ever considered for a sequel. But Avatar and The Incredibles are two that I’ll be watching for in the near future.

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