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We all dream of cars from our past from time-to-time, it’s completely natural. Maybe it’s the first car you ever owned or the first car that everyone in high school was drooling over, who knows? The good news is that you are a little older now and have some cash (I did say some…) in your pocket and a desire to rebuild the car of your dreams. Where do you start? Well, the answer is that it really depends on several factors. What is the car of your dreams? Do you even know? If you know then you have to figure out what your budget is and how much of the work you are willing/able to do yourself (do you have the right equipment). If you already know that it is going to be difficult then I can stop trying to scare you away as you are obviously committed. With that said, let me help you with some research. Here are 50 essential blogs for you to read as you embark upon or continue your journey to restoring the car (or cars) of your dreams:

1. Auto Revival
This is a really unusual site to navigate but it is well worth it as it is full of articles on all kinds of restoration subjects from replacing headlights to restoring your engine. Great stuff!

2. Classic Car Blog
This blog was started in 2005 and has had an on again/off again streak to it and looks like it may be on again. What I like about this is that it shows that all of us into restoring cars go in spurts sometime. It keeps me feeling okay about my starts and stops. Good luck with your Fiat 500!

3. Classic Nation
This blog has been really active since 2006 and has some great pictures of restoration projects along with good information for starting or completing your own classic.

4. Classic Rallies .com
This blog will keep you updated on any classic car rallies that you may want to attend either to display your auto or just to enjoy someone else’s collection.

5. At the Amber Light Garage
This blog is a collection of photos and articles that tell stories of salvaged classic cars and tips on how to get the best of these treasures.

6. Classic Cars A guide to Buying Online
This blog presents different replicas of 1930’3-1950’s car models, restored and sold online.

7. Jil McIntosh
This blog offers various car reviews of both modern and classic cars.

8. Old Cars Canada
Here’s a great blog about classic Canadian cars including some rare photos of various vintage cars.

9. Bob’s Dream Car Garage
This is an interesting blog which provides readers with excellent videos on how they can restore their vintage cars particularly their VW Beetle.

10. The Classic Car Hunter
Classic car data, info on how long to hold onto your car, and even offers advice on how to sell/buy classic cars.

11. Suite 101
Suite 101 is actually a collection of various articles from different writers including this great article on restoring a classic.

12. Blog
This blog will help you figure out what equipment you need in order to complete your restoration project.

13. GTi-Rides
If you aren’t sure whether or not restoring cars is for you then you may want to check this blog out to see if you have what it takes.

14. Buy Used cars
If you are thinking about buying a classic car this blog gives you some tips to consider before whipping out your wallet.

15. Delicious Cars
If you are a huge video fan versus 2D pics then this blog is for you as it has videos of several vintage and even modern cars.

16. Classic Muscle Cars
Love muscle cars? Really? Well learn about their history and specific tips for restoring muscle cars.

17. Junkyard Life
Well you have to find parts for your restoration project somewhere, get ideas from this blog.

18. Wantedcarz
More stellar pics of vintage cars that will make your mouth water and good articles covering various restoration techniques.

19. By the Numbers
Any Volkswagon die-hard fans out there? You really need to check this out or BUG-ger off!

20. The Garage
Here you get some great information on how to prep your garage for modern and classic car restoration projects.

21. Tamerlane’s Thoughts
This blog chronicles the full cycle of restoration via video, pics, and well written articles.

22. Hemmings Blog
Learn more about vintage cars and see interesting photos of some real treasures.

23. Just A Car Guy
Here is a great collection of car photos – those that have already been restored and are ready to go cruising down the road. If you love cars, you will love these pics and more.

24. Japanese Nostalgic Car Blog
This blog aims to educate readers on different classic Japanese cars. You can get inspired to restore these beauties as well, I know I remember seeing several of these cruising down the road.

25. Bring A Trailer
This blog is all about hooking up buyers and sellers of classic cars. You get to see some great cars in various states all ready for some TLC by the right person (yeah, that just happened I wrote TLC).

26. Veloce’s Sleeping Beauty
This refers to those restoration projects that have stalled and resulted in some awesome classics sleeping under a tarp and waiting for their wakeup call.

27. Two seats or less
This website has various vintage cars restored and posted for sale. The blog has Chrysler to Kudsu to Chevrolet.

27. Backstreet Wheels AUTO PHOTO
This blog is flooded with various photos of vintage cars that are ready for refurbishing.

28. ChromeFin
The blog’s moderator, Rob Johnson, sees classic automobiles as pieces of art ready to be sculpted by the mechanic/artist in you.

29. My Father’s Car
This blog tells the story of American automobiles and provides tips on how to get and restore several of the classics mentioned in the site.

30. Clunkbucket
This is another listing of various classic cars that can be purchased and restored by you!

31. The Old Car Manual Project
Do you wish you had an old car manual for your restoration project or just because??? You can probably find what you are looking for here.

32. Drawn and Quartered
If you are looking for Restoration 101 then this might be your blog.

33. Little Man’s Speed and Fabrication
This blog has bold photos of various engines and parts of classic automobiles.

34. Hooptyrides
This blog has stories and photos about vintage cars, car restoration, and anything else you can imagine about classic car restoration.

35. Jalopy Journal
Okay, you gotta see this gallery of classics, it’s great for car enthusiasts of all ages.

36. Kit Foster
One of the older blogs, this site was started in 2004 and has been actively posting about the classics since.

37. Forgotten Fibers
If you like to read about cars, you will not forget this blog after your first glance, it’s a great resource for the fiberglass lover in each of us.

38. Low Tech
This is a diverse blog with current events related to classic car shows and places to buy, sell, or restore cars.

39. Auto Culture
Find various ways to pimp your classic ride and follow the latest events (car shows and rallies).

40. Edmund’s Inside Line
This blog is all about cars, inside and out. It’s a great resource for all kinds of facts and restoration tips.

41. Restoration 101
This blog is a great source for tutorials and tips on restoring your car especially the most prized and rare ones.

42. Old Russian Cars
This blog is a great source of old Russian cars. The posts come along with detailed information regarding the car’s specifications photos, videos, and more. Don’t miss this one, the cold war is over!

43. Junk Car Blog
Find out how to restore a car that has been through a flood and much more, it’s not junk but a car that needs some care!

44. The Automotive Philosopher
This blog includes the owner’s personal stories and love for classic cars and car refurbishing.

45. Claasic Car Ads Blog
This blog contains different photos of classic cars ads. Pretty funny stuff!

46. Pan Motors
Planning to have your car restored? Then visit this blog. It has features on street rod restoration, restoration experts, and partial or full refurbishing services.

47. Mark Aquino, Classic Car Whisperer
Mark Aquino is an expert in engines and shares his know-how in this blog. He has articles from car paints to equipment and resources on car refurbishing. Plus, don’t you want to know more about car whispering?

48. Grease Girl
This website is a woman’s version of taking care, loving, and restoring classic cars. The Studebaker is given special focus.

49. Chopped and Diced
Various restoration projects are featured in this blog. The posts come along with interesting photos as well.

50. AmCar Guide
Not sure which classic car is for you? Checkout this guide and it may help you decide.

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