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40 Top Blogs About Ham Radio

On September 26, 2010, in Satellite Dish, by admin

If you are passionate about amateur radio then you are absolutely not alone. Experts estimate that there are approximately two million people around the world that take part in a hobby related to amateur (specifically ham radio). The people that operate the equipment are generally called “hams” and they use various transmission techniques to communicate with other “hams” around the globe. In addition, to being active in their radio operations they are generally evangelists for their hobby as well with word-of-mouth conversations in addition to several great online blogs. I put together a list of my 40 favorite ham radio blogs for you to read, appreciate, and hopefully catch the ham radio bug.

1. ke2yk random oscillations
This very informative blog has posts regarding events and news regarding amateur radio. The author has been linked to ham radio operations since the 1980’s.

2. Trish talk
This blog has links to the blogger’s personal website, ham radio page, live audio, and s meter. Aside from the latest reports on ham radio this blog also contains stuff about celebrities and future predictions.

3. Ham radio-a contact sport
This blog contains insightful articles on the latest trends and updates about amateur radio operations. Some posts include ham shack rebuilding and computer technology as related to ham radio.

4. Don Keith N4KC’s Technology, Media and Ham radio Blog
This blog has been operating since 2007. It includes an open forum on amateur radio technologies and the effects of ham radio on our society.

5. Riding the Radio Waves By K4SAC
This blog was created in 2007 and contains information about ham radio contests, events, and news.

6. Ham Radio and Resources
This blog features all facets of ham radio, from Internet radio linking, local ham frequencies, and live audio feeds from US.

7. K9JY
This is the official blogsite of K9JY and it talks about information and commentaries about varied stuff regarding ham radio.

8. No space in Ham Radio Callsign License Plates
This blog aims to inform and empower hams about various issues around a ham radio operation.

9. The Home of the Kosher Ham
This is a special ham radio channel dedicated to bisexuals. Interesting title eh?

10. Bikerscum-patrick St. Jean
This blog generally is full of short, concise, and down right straight-to-the-point talk about ham radio. If you are short on time but want a good read on amateur radio then you may fall in love with this blog.

11. K5MDM
This blog is managed by Murray Neece, a ham radio enthusiast and an all-around interesting person.

12. Nerd on Call
This blog site is a great resource not just about ham radio but other “techie” and “nerdy” gadgets as well (AKA perfect for me).

13. W2LJ’s Blog – QRP – Do More With Less.
This is the blog space of an amateur radio operator who willingly shares his experiences and thoughts about ham radio, Morse Code, and QRPing. The blog focuses on W2LJ station which is basically two stations in one.

14. W4TMN
This is the personal blog of a ham radio operator that shares his experiences about ham radio and other stuff related to the larger amateur radio enthusiasts.

15. Old Virginia HAM
This blog relays a lot of exciting stuff and various events that are related to the world of amateur radio especially DXing.

16. with varying frequency-Amateur Radio Ponderings by Steve K9Z
This blog basically reports on the latest news about ham radio events such as the 2010 W9DXCC Convention.

17. Software Defined Ham Radio
This blog invites other hams from various parts of the world to share their experiences about ham radio specifically the SDR. Aside from insightful posts, it also includes useful photos that take you step-by-step through various amateur radio exercises.

18. 99 Hobbies
This blog was originally founded in 2006 so it has quite a bit of good information and several pictures as well. Gotta love a blog with a good history!

19. Central Coast Hams
This blog is written by a ham radio operator in California. Aside from really perceptive articles, the blog is also linked to other ham radio blogs and resources. It’s a great starting point.

20. Radio Sport KA3DR
This blog’s goal is to promote amateur radio as a worthwhile and productive hobby. The blogsite includes a calendar of events detailing the moderator’s recent and upcoming activities.

21. the amteur radio world of VA3QV
This blog boasts of having over 130K hits in its two years on the World Wide Web. The posts focus on radio events and include some great information on amateur radio.

This blog has been operating since 2006 and houses over a hundred posts on amateur radio. Articles are virtually all short, informative and straight-to-the-point.

23. K2DBK Hamradio Blog
The first thing you’ll notice about this blog is the attractive layout, yet it’s got some serious chops as well with tons of interesting amateur radio facts and news.

24. Technology, History, and Commentary on Amateur Radio
If you want to learn about the history of ham radio, this blog is just perfect. Also, to stay updated on amateur radio news be sure to follow this blogger’s tweets!

25. Sands Amateur Radio Contest Group
This blogger’s group and ham radio station is based in Morecambre, UK. The group was established in 2004 and since then has been organizing radio contests and events in their area of the UK.

26. Radio & Other Interests – AE5X
This blog has various posts on amateur radio equipment and technologies. It also contains links to other blogs about ham radio.

27. Melted Solder
Topics on this blog are mostly about QRP, junk portable ideas, and lit building.

28. Wheels, Wings and Radio Things
This blog has short posts that include tons of photos regarding amateur radio technologies and activities.

29. Dave Richards AA7EE
This blog is full of excellent tutorials and descriptions of the latest and greatest ham radio equipment along with the personal experiences of the writer, Dave Richards as he explores and grows his hobby.

30. KB6NU’s Ham Radio Blog
This blog has a simple layout, but don’t let that fool you as it has several updated posts and sound advice on amateur radio.

31. Spinning & Grinning
This blog’s readers will enjoy the blog’s simple and clean layout. It features articles on really anything even remotely related to ham radio.

32. VE8EV – Amateur Radio From the Top of the World
This blog directly reflects the pure passion that this particular “ham” has for amateur radio.

33. M1KTA’s QRP ham radio blog
This blog updates visitors on all the latest ham radio advancements and equipment. This site has some sweet photos of various ham radio setups.

34. VU2SGW
This blog’s readers are treated to some really tasty articles related to amateur radio.

35. Trail-Friendly Radio Extra
Richard Fisher, this blog’s moderator is an editor of the online magazine WorldRadio. This blog contains the latest events and happenings in the world of ham radio.

36. Hamshack Adventures
This blog contains the author’s recent work and ham radio activities.

37. New England QRP Club
This is the official blog of the New England QRP Club. It contains posts regarding the club’s events related to ham radio.

38. Ham Radio
This blog has also been operating since 2006. It contains guidelines and procedures on creating your very own ham radio station.

39. clowbugs times
This blog has an eye-catching layout that visitors will love. Aside from that, the blog also contains tons of DIY projects on ham radio.

40. MacDougall’s blog
This blog site is managed by a ham radio operator with the call sign K7JM. You just have to see it to believe it… enough said!

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