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40 Convincing Blogs About UFO’s

On November 2, 2010, in Satellite Dish, by admin

Some people believe in UFO’s and some people struggle with the concept. I’m sure with all the satellites flying around in the atmosphere that some of them get mistaken for flying saucers. However, a friend of min put together a good list of blogs that have quite a bit of evidence saying that UFO’s do exist. I thought it would be good to let you see the list exactly as it was created and get your opinion of the list that my friend put together. Do you know of any other great blogs on UFO’s?

1. The Vike Factor
-Mothership, Men In Black and all things alien, read them from this blog.

2. UFO & Alien Disclosure
-this blog was started in 2007 and reveals insightful information about Unidentified Flying Objects that are seen around US.

3. UFO Geek
-this blog concentrates on development of one-of-a-kind paranormal research devices.

4. UFO Investigation Centre Australia
-this blog is managed by Bill Chalker and focuses on UFO sightings in Sydney, Australia.

5. Vintage U.F.O.
-this blog is great for people who are interested with flying saucers and UFOs.

6. UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock
-created in 2007, this blog reports the latest news and updates regarding UFO sightings.

7. The UFO Reality
-this blog has been running since 2006. It features information, news and videos related to unidentified flying objects.

8. UFO Online Blog
-know detailed reports and updates on UFO events and reports from this blog.

9. UFO’s And STARPEOPLE (Aliens) Blog
-do you believe that we are visited by aliens? Read the blog and find out for yourself.

10. UFO
-the blog started operating in 2008. It documents articles and photos related to unidentified flying objects.

11. UFO Mystic
-this blog is a collection of various articles regarding UFO sightings.

12. UFO’s Today: Current UFO news, alien news and alien abduction news
-find out the current news regarding UFOs, unexplained events, aliens and other mysteries from this blog.

13. Phoenix Lights UFO
-Since 2006, this blog was dedicated in spreading out facts on UFO and unexplained phenomena.

-this blog concentrates on providing visitors videos and photos documented regarding UFO sightings.

15. UFO Evidence
-visit this blog and view photos, videos, articles and testimonials on aliens, alien abduction and UFOs.

16. UFO Sightings
-how do aliens look like? Do they even exist? Read this blog and read about other people’s insights regarding this matter.

17. UFO-skepsis
-how should you prove that UFOs really exist? This blog offers explanation and proofs that you may believable or otherwise.

-this blog tries to explain the mysteries from ancient civilizations to the modern sightings of UFOs.

19. Billy Meier UFO Blog
-most controversial figure in the world of UFO Billy Meier started this blog to offer evidence on his claims on UFOs.

20. McGeezone Blog
-are you interested about alternative history, UFO and ETs? This blog offers articles on these matters.

21. Alien and UFO
-are alien abductions and sightings true? Read this blog and discover.

22. theozfiles
-discover the Oz files which contains reports on “Australian UFO Story” in 1996 and “Hair of the Alien – DNA and Other Forensic Evidence for Alien Abductions” in 2005.

23. UFO Media Matters
-this blog is advocating the rights of UFO witnesses.

-this blog documents the startling story of UFO mysteries and how the government spied on the UFO Research Community.

25. My UFO Sightings Blog
-this blog is the web portal for different paranormal events such as UFOs and ETs.

-everything about UFOs and paranormal activities are found in this blog.

27. UFOMystic Blog
-this blog has the news, insights, interviews and more on just about anything about UFO related mysteries.

28. Mysterious Universe Blog
-this blog covers the strange and extraordinary events regarding unidentified flying objects.

29. Strange State – Paranormal Mysteries In Oklahoma And Around The World. Blog
-this blog presents various non-fiction topics like UFo mysteries, big foot and ETs.

30. Lazy Elf’s Blog
-this blog contains various articles, images and videos including UFOs.

31. Actual Aliens – Alien Encounters, UFO Sightings, and more… Blog
-this blog aims to chronicle encounters with UFOs, aliens and ETs.

32. Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
-a blog based in Spain. It tackles studies and experiences with paranormal events such as UFO sightings.

-this blog chronicles UFO sightings in Australia along with other paranormal activities.

34. UFO Watcher Blog
-this blog was started in 2007. It aims to gather convincing evidence of the existence of aliens and life from outer space.

35. The Other Side of Truth
-this blog is a collection of UFOs aliens and everything related to paranormal activities and mysteries.

36. Paranormal Phenomena-Ghost-UFO
-this blog is your source for paranormal exploration including UFOs.

37. David Sereda
-this blog features everything about UFOs and things related.

38. Ufology Research
-this blog contains news and updates related to UFOs and things that surround them.

39. Best Evidence Blog
-this blog is composed of team of men who gathered videos, images and first hand experiences to document UFO sightings.

40. UFO Evolution
-this blog has news and videos regarding updates on latest UFO sightings.

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