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40 Blogs About Life In a Mobile Home

On October 22, 2010, in Satellite Dish, by admin

We set out to learn more about life in a mobile home from multiple perspectives. Some people choose to live in mobile homes to be able to travel and not get too tied down while others choose mobile homes out of necessity (due to lower cost than other homes). Regardless of how people got there it is interesting to take a look at what living in a mobile home is all about. What are some of the challenges? What do people love/hate about it? There is a lot to explore. I found 40 blogs that relate in some way to mobile home life that start to give you a feel for what it may be like and whether or not it is the life for you.

1. Mobile home listing and news

As you might expect, this is a great site if you are looking to buy/sell a mobile home. I think it is interesting as you get a feel for just how expensive some of these can be (and quite nice).

2. The Building Brows

This is a great story about a family that has taken shelter in a mobile home while their traditional home is being built. The blog continues to follow the family over the years.

3. Cally Creates

This is about a really creative mobile home owner that produces some amazing creations from inside her humble abode.

4. Sham Conversions

This is a site that tries to uncover the problems and issues that specifically impact mobile home owners. There are also some great news and current events around various mobile home parks.

5. Howling Hill

This blog tells the story of a mobile home community nestled in the woods of New Hampshire.

6. The Mobile Home Woman

This blog is all about the life of a great woman living in her mobile home and living life to its fullest.

7. Hollywood Beach

This is an interesting blog about mobile home life in Hollywood.

8. Mobile Home Blog

As you might expect this is a blog all about mobile homes and interesting related chatter.

9. Mobile Home Mansion

This is a blog about a woman and her mobile home mansion.

10. California Mobile Home Loans

This blog updates its readers about mobile homes, pre-fab homes and anything about the housing industry in California and all over the USA.

11. Bad Credits Blog

This blog will help you get the capital you need to buy a mobile home.

12. Static Caravans for Sale

Mobile homes and RV aren’t just for year-round, they are great for the holidays and vactions as well.

13. Home and Living

This is a great article about refinancing your mobile home to take advantage of lower loan rates.

14. Chillicious | All About Finance

This is all about the advantages of living in a mobile home park.

15. Red Oak Manufactured Home Sales for 55+

This blog is a listing of various mobile homes for sale. It has details on the price, location and contact info for prospective buyers.

16. Transylvania County

This blog is just cool so I couldn’t help but include it and it gives you an idea of some pricing for renting and owning mobile homes.

17. My RV Life

Okay an RV is truly a mobile home, find out why the RV life is the life for this blog owner.

18. The Trailer Life

This is a blog about camping out in an RV and living on slabs.

19. Oppose the landlord Scheme

This blog aims to protect mobile home renters and to make sure they know their legal rights.

20. CoMo-CAL

This is an interesting blog with a great newsletter that keeps you up-to-date on a lot of mobile home industry trends.

21. The Modern modular House

This blog is about modular design and pre-fab/mobile homes.

22. Modular Homes Network

If you are looking at a mobile home, you may want to check this out for some excellent ideas to make sure you know your options.

23. GreenieWeenie

This blog is great if you are looking for an environmentally friendly mobile home. What does that exactly mean, find out for yourself!

24. Hybrid Thoughts

This is the story of a man, an RV, and the open road. Going mobile takes on a different meaning.

25. Matador Network

This blog has included tips for renovating a vintage mobile home.

26. NJ Home equity Loans

This blog discusses the difference between modular homes and manufactured homes.

27. Treehugger

This blog presents new ways of living in mobile homes that are in harmony with Mother Nature.

28. The Chive

Check out how awesome a mobile home can be with the photos of this overhauled mobile home.

29. Trailer Park Queer

Lots of stories and snippets about living in the world of trailer homes.

30. Mules N’ Honey

This blog details what it is like to live in an RV with your family while your home is being built.

31. Modern Mechanics

This is fun because you get a look at how mobile homes looked in the past.

32. Carla’s Place

Great pics and good stories abound on this mobile home blog.

33. Center of Mass

Step-by-step construction of a mobile home with pictures along the way.

34. imobilehome

This blog is a good source of various articles regarding mobile home financing and purchasing.

35. Best manufactured Homes

This is another great site for seeing a bunch of mobile homes that are for sale.

36. Modular Home Builder

Know the tips and advice on how to build and sustain a modular home business through this blog.

37. Modular Homes Central

This blog offers information regarding modular homes such as the advantages of acquiring one, myths surrounding them, and tips on buying.

38. The Home Blog

Smaller homes, more modular living, and the trend back toward manufactured homes are explored in this blog.

39. Simplex Homes

Learn about the modular homes offered by Simplex through this blog.

40. Alabama Mobile Home

A blog which provides information to Alabama campers that interested in staying in mobile homes.

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