From time-to-time I have to branch off into some topics only remotely related to satellite technologies just because I am knee deep into some interesting research for a hobby that could be of interest to at least some of the people that read Satellite Dish. My latest obsession is valuing the NFL football cards I have collected over the years (most of them now over 20 years old). Why? I can’t really tell you maybe my fantasy football teams have got me in the mood and maybe I just am curious to see if any of them are worth a bunch of money (like my O.J. cards MAY have been had he not gotten into trouble). Well, my research has led me to this list of card collector’s blogs that I think collectors everywhere will want to check out:

1. Vintage Football Card Blog
This is a really current blog that has some interesting facts about vintage (another way of saying old like me) football cards. They also have a sister site at which is a blast from the past.

2. Dave & Adam’s Card World
This is a great site for all kinds of sports card collectors (baseball, basketball, hockey, and football). The link will shoot you straight to the gridiron cards and several really good articles.

3. Cowboy
Okay you can say whatever you want about Tony Romo and Wade Phillips and the disappointing start to the 2010 season, but you can’t deny the Dallas Cowboy’s tradition and heritage. This site is all about honoring that as the blogger talks about Cowboy cards and the history of that franchise.

4. Wax on and Wax Off
This writer is into football and somewhat into cards. I liked the article on Farve so included it in this list. Plus, you can dig through and score some good reads in the archives on this one.

5. The Topps Archives
Topps is the big daddy of sports cards and has been for years encompassing baseball cards, football cards, and more. This is a must read blog since it is current and about such a big player in the sports card space.

6. The Nightowl Cards
Okay so lets be honest there are 10 baseball card blogs to every 1 football card blog. You are going to have to dig a little but you will find some football card collecting gems along with a truly amazing amount of card collecting knowledge and fun. This blog is one of my favorites for sure (okay I am also into baseball, busted)!

7. The Fleer Sticker Project
You will find a strong showing of football collectible items from cards to posters and more on this blog. You can even see some interesting ring offers for various NFL teams. I’m not a big ring wearer but some of those do look pretty cool.

8. Upper Deck Blog
Upper Deck is another one of the huge names in sports collectibles. This blog and specifically the category of football is flat out loaded with interesting articles, pics, and more. Check out the Tim Tebow collectibles and more here (are you sick of Tebow yet???, I am not).

9. CheckOutMyCards
This is a great site that makes it safe to buy and sell football cards (okay that is the main site). The blog is interesting because it points out some interesting card deals and a lot more. It’s very informative I would guess more so if you are in the sports collectibles industry.

10. Pack War
Time and again I am shocked by the quality of blogs that you see on the Internet about various subjects. This is one that really is nicely done on football including cards and more. I especially like the article on card quality control which is an issue that I didn’t give much thought to before.

11. DCS Sports card
You can buy various NFL card sets from this site like the 2010 Topps Finest Football Cards Hobby Box and 2009 Upper Deck SP Signature Football Cards Hobby Box. They also have some good tips for all of us collectors on their blog.

12. Dean’s Baseball Card Blog
Maybe this blog could use a new expanded title? I wanted to point out this particular article and note that there is a lot of great stuff on this blog related to Dean’s (a card company not a guy named Dean) football cards and passion too!

13. 1971 Football Cards
You can view vintage football cards in this blog along with some interesting details. This one features prominent players such as Mike Eischeid, Kent McCloughan and Jim Otto. It’s also important to note that this blogger has a series of these by year with links to the other years.

14. Football Card Blog
Okay, if you want just the articles and nothing but the articles then this is actually a great read that doesn’t look as sexy on the outside as it is on the inside.

15. Card Connection
Okay this is an industry update site and it is definitely worth tapping into the RSS feed. You will get some interesting updates on card shows, card values, and other things that you would simply never know otherwise related to collecting and learning about football cards.

16. Capt Kirk 42’s Trading Card Blog
You can learn about the Wonder Bread set produced by Topps during 1974-76 from this blog and quite a bit more. I like the player spotlights which are really respectful and informative (mainly because the players aren’t necessarily well known nationally).

17. The Beckett Blog
Beckett is great and another excellent source of information about collectibles. I particularly like this Monday morning series and thought it was worth pointing out to you as you may have not seen it yet.

18. Sports card Radio
This is a good blog for hobbyists because it offers a plain English explanation of card valuation which can get surprisingly complicated (especially for a novice).

19. A Pack to be Named Later
The writing on this blog is pretty funny to me (it’s a light and humorous take on collecting). I like the updates and the deep dives that are done into specific card years.

20. Sports Collector Daily
This is a great article that features some vintage cards that I would love to own (okay I would love to own one of them). Anyway, since that is probably not going to happen I’ll study them on this blog along with other facts, figures, and cards to drool over.

21. Football Card Shop
What I love about this site really is the amount of information you can drill into about various teams over the years. It’s really very practical and easy to use so I like using it for quick research projects including card prospecting.

22. Grace’s Football Card
Grace is living with four men (husband and sons, mind out of the gutter please). She has a great blog here that gives good pricing information and some really informative and fun to read articles. This is another blog that I highly recommend and challenge you to click over and not spend some time on this one. It’s well written and once you go, you will like what you see.

23. Fantasy Café
Okay I already told you I have a couple of fantasy football teams but I want to talk about the football card articles on this blog not FF. I am taking you straight to the good stuff with the link. ‘Nuff said.

24. Upper Deck Sports
This is the official Upper Deck blog and is as professional as you would imagine it to be. It is loaded with facts and figures on every NFL team and their talent.

25. Card Board Investor
I’m not sure you can have enough pricing guides (the best one is always the one that says your card is worth more right???). This is a good one and a great place to get some deals on cards.

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