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10 Ways to Hide Your Satellite Dish

On August 3, 2010, in Satellite Dish, by admin

There are many different reasons for wanting to hide your satellite dish.  Usually it’s just for aesthetics.  Sometimes your homeowner’s association will be pestering you to cover it up and/or you may just not like the look of a satellite dish on your roof.  The good news is there is something you can do about it.  We are going to cover several ways to camouflage your dish up to and including the actual shape of the dish.  So let’s kick off 10 ways to hide your satellite dish:

  1. Paint – If you use a matte and not metallic paint you can usually attach your dish to the side of your house and then paint the dish to match the color of the home this will greatly reduce satellite dish visibility from the street but will keep the reception good and strong.  Again, be careful with the type of paint you use as anything metallic will interfere with satellite reception.
  2. Smaller Dish – This is relatively straightforward but has a drawback.  The smaller the dish the worse the reception usually is so you may want to consider your other options before taking the easier way out.
  3. Deck Mount – If you have the luxury of having a deck on the back of your house or your apartment you may be able to mount your satellite under the deck, which is very effective at hiding the satellite.
  4. Behind a Window – If you are really desperate and would rather have the dish inside than outside you may consider setting it in a window that has a Southern exposure and is clear glass or plastic.  You may be able to get the reception you want and keep the mess inside your house instead of outside.
  5. In the Garden – You can install the dish in the garden and then plant a bush around it to block its view.  For that matter, you can install it anywhere on your property and hide it behind bushes.
  6. Install it horizontally – You can also install the dish so that it is horizontal and not vertical (test your reception), but it is possible this will make it flatter and potentially easier to cover.
  7. Don’t use a dish – You can use a flat panel instead of a dish that is remarkably easier to hide than a traditional dish.  If you are interested in what I am talking about you can search real quick for a SatCom PASSPort.
  8. Pre-hidden dish – You can buy a vanity dish like one from DigiGlobe that is an illuminated light at night and a 24×7 satellite dish.
  9. Attic mount – If you either put a plastic window or plastic shingles/tiles up on your roof you can actually mount a satellite dish in your attic.
  10. Simple – The simple and cheap way to hide a dish is to mount it in a flower garden and put a garden refuse sack over the top of it.  Then it just looks like you are busy working on your flowers a lot.

To be honest, I’ve seen some pretty bizarre pictures of people hiding their satellites on the Internet.  Probably the most unusual is this one below (a fiberglass rock covering the dish):


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