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10 Tools Every Man Should Own

On December 27, 2010, in Satellite Dish, by admin

Men love tools. But some tools are more than helpful in getting things done; they’re essential. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a guy who likes to work on household projects, or even one who doesn’t, consider these 10 tools.

  1. Axe: This primal tool has been useful since the dawn of time and remains an essential tool in any man’s toolbox. Whether it’s hacking down a tree or splitting wood, axes are a man’s best friend and belong in every toolbox.
  2. Hammer: A hammer with a claw is an absolute essential tool. It has many more uses than driving a nail; it can also be used to assemble household items, pull out old rusty nails, hang pictures and countless other common tasks inside and outside the house.
  3. Saw: The saw is another timeless tool that has been used for centuries. You never know when you need to trim some branches or cut a board down to size, and a saw has been the tool of choice for tasks like that since the dawn of time. Every man needs a good, reliable saw in their toolbox.
  4. Power Drill: A power drill is an indispensable tool that everyone should own, not to mention your average handyman. A power drill can do more than drill holes, but it can also drive screws of all shapes and sizes in half the time it would take to do the work by hand. A good cordless power drill is one of the most helpful tools anyone could own.
  5. Tape Measure: A tape measure is incredibly useful, and you don’t have to be building a house to utilize it. Even a task as simple as hanging a picture can require a tape measure, and you don’t have to be a seasoned handyman to use one. A tape measure belongs in every man’s toolbox.
  6. Flat/Phillips Screw Driver: Screws hold everything together, and a good screwdriver makes adjusting and building anything that much easier. A good adjustable screwdriver with an interchangeable Phillips or flat head attachment can save you a huge amount of time in any task and is an absolutely essential tool.
  7. Crescent Wrench: A solid, durable crescent wrench is a great tool for more heavy duty jobs, like automotive work. Be sure to look for a massive, heavy wrench with a simple adjustment mechanism to ensure that the wrench can handle the abuse you’re likely to put it through and still produce the leverage you need in tough situations.
  8. Socket Wrench: A good socket set will be useful in situations where you may not expect it. Many assembly jobs require sockets of different sizes, and gear-heads use sockets religiously when working on their vehicles. A good chrome socket set can last a lifetime and be useful in countless situations.
  9. Vise Grip: One tool that is often overlooked is the vise grip. When it seems like you need three hands to complete a task, the vise grip can be even more than a helping hand and can provide the slip free leverage you need to get the job done. Don’t forget to equip your toolbox with a high quality metal vise grip.
  10. Needle Nose Pliers: Possibly one of the most crucial tools anyone can own, needle nose pliers come in handy in those situations where your fingers just won’t cut it. Ideal for wiring or work with small parts, the needle nose plier can go places and do things that your clumsy fingers could never do. Be sure to include needle nose pliers in your toolbox.

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