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10 Television Shows That Should Be Remade

On December 14, 2010, in Satellite Dish, by admin

Every year there are a new lineup of television programs. Some have carried over from the previous season and others are brand new. There have been some really great shows in the past that are now being watched on DVD’s. They are being watched with nostalgia by those who watched them years ago and also by a whole new generation that weren’t around when these shows were in their prime. Here’s a few of those TV shows that some people feel could use a new remake.

  1. CHIPS. This program seems to rate pretty high on the callings for remakes. It makes me wonder if people are getting tired of the reality show COPS and want to go back to the world of fantasy law enforcement. Two good looking young guys wearing their shades and riding around in uniform on motorcycles in California, who would want to watch a show like that? A lot women would. At least that’s my guess.
  2. Alf.  ALF (short for ‘alien life form’) was a shaggy, sarcastic creature that had a hankering for feline flesh, that he was never allowed to satisfy (at least not in front of the audience). Alf’s humor focused on his distain for the limitations of the human race and the technology of the 80’s. It would be fascinating to see Alf come back for a return visit. I wonder what he would have to say about the advances we’ve made in the last 20+ years?
  3. Lassie. Now this is reaching back several decades but Lassie is a classic that shouldn’t be overlooked. Why don’t we have any canine heroes on television any more? Lassie always saved the day and he didn’t even wear tights or a cape! Our kids could use another Timmy and Lassie team in these times when their lives are often surrounded by uncertainty. With Lassie you always knew it would be ok in the end. That’s not such a bad thing.
  4. Flipper. If you remember this show, you’re older than you want to admit. Flipper was another animal star but of the aquatic type. Flipper was a pet dolphin. Perhaps pet isn’t the correct word since he was free to roam the ocean. The show had the same premise as Lassie though. Whenever there was trouble out on the water, Flipper would show up to save the day. Flipper also tried to communicate with humans in a way similar to Lassie’s, only his were dolphin noises at the dock instead of barks at the front door. A much better alternative to the aquatic adventures of Sponge Bob in my opinion.
  5. Gentle Ben. OK, this is my last animal show on the list. (I promise.) Gentle Ben was a large but lovable grizzly bear. Gentle and pet-like with the young boy he befriended but a very intimidating foe to the ‘bad guys’. All he had to do was stand on his hind feet and growl to send the toughest of men running for their lives or surrendering to the local sheriff.
  6. Cagney and Lacey. With all the cop shows that have been produced over the years, as far as I know, this is the only one featuring two females as partners. I’m really surprised that there hasn’t been another one produced. The show earned many Emmy’s during its run and was followed by four made for television movies that reunited the two main characters, the blonde single professional, Lacey, and the brunette working mom, Cagney. This one is definitely due for a re-make.
  7. The Odd Couple. Oscar and Felix, the slob and the neat freak sharing an apartment. It went from the stage to television and was a hit both places. The contrasting personalities sharing  a small living space created a great natural setting for comedy. With the right actors in place this could easily be a hit with a whole new generation.
  8. Barney Miller. Set in a small urban police station, Barney Miller, was another great sit-com. As with many other comedies, the variety amongst the characters that worked together at the precinct was what made this such a fun show. You had different ages, different ethnic groups, married, single, the mix of society. The writers for this show did an excellent job of making use of these diversities to deal with many different subjects while keeping you laughing all the way through.
  9. Taxi. This was a great show with an all-star cast.  Andy Kaufman, Danny DeVito, Judd Hirsch, Tony Danza and Christopher Lloyd were all important players in this simple comedy revolving around a taxi company and the drivers who each had their own aspirations in other fields. You would be hard pressed to come up with such a stellar cast but the mix of characters lends itself to great comedic possibilities.
  10. Lost in Space. This one would need some serious updating to catchup and then go beyond more recent outer space television programs but the basic premise is still great. It was the modern day “Swiss Family Robinson.” You could make it even more interesting if you made it a spoof of “Gilligan’s Island”, where the shipwreck is on a planet or moon instead of an island. Lots of possibilities with this one.

I’m sure as you read through this list you thought of programs that you would have added that aren’t here. There were certainly many more than 10 shows I could have included. It’s a tough challenge to try and remake a show that has already been a hit. You have some big shoes to fill. It’d still be nice to see them give a few of these a try though.

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