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Prior to subscription based services like DIRECTV and DishNetwork, many more people needing an alternative to cable or analog TV turned to FTA satellites to pick up more TV stations.  This was especially popular in remote areas where cable TV wasn’t an option.  Over the years this has decreased some in popularity which is a shame because the technologies have rapidly improved.  There are far more satellite dish and related vendors than their used to be and there are plenty of FTA (free-to-air) TV channels available.

The starting point for being able to view FTA TV is to pick out a satellite dish and receiver.  We will start out looking at the many satellite dish options.  If you don’t know the difference between Ku-band and C-band then you might want to read this Wikipedia article.  There are several dishes that can support both Ku-band and C-band options so you don’t really have to choose just one.  Here is a quick list that you can use as a starting point for your search for a dish:

  1. FORTEC STAR FC100CM – 100CM Ku Offset Free To Air Satellite Dish Antenna.
  2. SADOUN SD180PM C and Ku Dish Antenna.
  3. WS International WS9036
  4. Winegard DS-2076 30” Dish
  5. Acron Multi-Satellite Dish 57 CM Across, but has the performance of an 80 CM dish.
  6. VuQube VQ1000 Portable Satellite Dish
  7. King Dome  Automatic AutoScan RV Camper Satellite Dish
  8. 31” Arabic Satellite Dish Mount Antenna MSR ANT DSS
  9. Kerstan Mini Mobile Satellite Dish (30 CM) (Also for RV’s)
  10. Digiwave 18” Satellite Dish with One Dual LNB

All of the above dishes start at prices under $100 and a few reach close to $500.  If you know the satellite that you want to attach to, then you should bring that information to you when you want to proceed to a satellite dish dealer.  They can help you select the perfect dish for you and to give you coordinates/directions to where you can get the best view of the satellite and accordingly the best picture.

If you are wondering just what channels you could pick up with your FTA satellite dish, you can check out the master list located here.  I have listed a few though here:

And here are a few more:

FTA can be a great option for you and while you have a little bit of an upfront investment in equipment, you will be able to enjoy a great digital signal and free TV for years to come.

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