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10 Most Devoted NFL Fan Bases

On June 18, 2010, in Satellite Dish, by admin

Football has become America’s pastime. Some of the most-watched programs in television history have been Super Bowls. Regular season football games routinely rate higher than World Series and NBA Finals games. So it’s no surprise that many of our most rabid sports fans are NFL fans. Below are the best of the best – more than most, on any given Sunday you’ll find these diehards adorned head-to-toe in their teams’ colors, living and dying with the success and failure through good and bad times.

  1. Pittsburgh Steelers

    It’s not difficult to cheer for a team that has won six Super Bowls. That success has given the Steelers a massive nationwide fanbase. Even during the rough times, Terrible Towels could be spotted in opposing stadiums during Steelers road games. The team’s website boasts that “Steelers fans have always been the most loyal and dedicated in all of sports, and our followers extend beyond the far reaches of the earth.”

  2. Green Bay Packers

    The Packers are the only team in major professional sports that’s owned by its fans; 112,120 Cheese Heads currently possess an interest in the team. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean they’re given season ticket privileges. The waitlist contains more than 81,000 names and the average wait is three decades.

  3. Cleveland Browns

    The city of Cleveland almost fell into Lake Erie in 1995 when former Brown’s owner Art Modell announced the team would relocate to Baltimore. But the city was awarded a new franchise almost as quickly as the previous one had left. The resurrected Browns have endured the same lack of success as the old Browns, yet the Dawg Pound’s bite remains vigorous. Football remains the city’s passion despite the franchise having just two winning seasons in more than a decade.

  4. Kansas City Chiefs

    Like Browns fans, Chiefs fans have watched some lackluster football, but that hasn’t prevented them from making Arrowhead Stadium perhaps the loudest in the NFL. The college-like atmosphere makes it one of the best gameday experiences in all of sports.

  5. Philadelphia Eagles

    Philly fans are known for dispensing tough love. More so than any other group of fans, they’ll let their home team know when it performs below their standards. They love to boo – even when it has nothing to do with the team’s on-field play. They booed McNabb on draft day when he was selected before Ricky Williams, and of course, they booed Santa Clause. The negativity makes winning sweeter.

  6. Oakland Raiders

    It’s always Halloween during Raiders games in Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum, where fans mimic the physically scary brand of football advocated by owner Al Davis. Although the team has moved twice and the organization has become a laughingstock, a strong contingent of supporters can still be found on gameday, striking fear into the hearts of opposing teams and their fans.

  7. Seattle Seahawks

    Seahawks fans don’t have the long-standing reputation for undying support like some of the aforementioned fanbases, but once you attend a game at Quest Field and your eardrums go numb, you’ll realize their passion runs just as deep. It’s another reason why Seattle is a great American sports city.

  8. Denver Broncos

    Old Mile High Stadium gave opposing teams nightmares and the same can be said about Invesco Field. In addition to the deafening crowd of Broncos loyalists, the thin air causes many opposing players to lose their stamina. The home field advantage has played a large role in the team’s success through the years.

  9. Dallas Cowboys

    With the addition of JerryWorld, we can now see just how many Cowboys fans really exist. During the stadium’s first season, it seated 89,756 fans per game, totaling 1,307,231 for the season. The team’s most famous fan, God, had a nice view of Cowboys games from above when they played in Texas Stadium.

  10. New York Jets

    Jets fans are known for their boisterous objection to most of their team’s draft picks. But on gameday, they’re loud in their support for Gang Green, as evidenced by the J-E-T-S chants led by NFL superfan Fireman Ed.

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