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10 Great Exc-USES for a 3 Car Garage

On December 7, 2010, in Satellite Dish, by admin

Having a 3 car garage is often seen as a luxurious status symbol, but that’s not the only reason to get one. A 3 car garage can have practical utility in addition to being a symbol of success. So for those on the fence about whether to add an extra garage, here are 10 great exc-USES for a 3 car garage:

  1. Storage: We all know that the garage is the perfect place to store just about anything. So now imagine adding even more space to your already cluttered garage. Let’s face it; we could all use more
    room, and with a 3 car garage there’s plenty of space to store all the random things that end up in a garage, including cars!
  2. Golf Cart: If you live on a golf course, in a rural area, or
    just have an insatiable appetite for miniature transportation, it never
    hurts to have a garage to house your golf cart. With a 3 car garage,
    there’s more than enough space to house both your vehicles and your
    golf cart, and there may even be enough room to house two golf carts.
    Who said being practical can’t be fun?
  3. Motorcycle: For those bikers who happen to be in the market
    for a 3 car garage, having a safe place to house your baby is a great
    excuse to pony up the extra money. Because a motorcycle has a small
    footprint, you’ll have plenty of room to move around and work on your
    iron horse. So, if working on your bike is your passion, get a 3 car
  4. Workshop: Most people try to include a small work area in
    their standard garage, but over time lawnmowers, rakes and other
    assorted stuff seems to take over every inch and the workshop turns
    into a storage space. With a 3 car garage, there is plenty of room to
    add a workshop where you can build, saw and work on your favorite
    hobbies. What a great reason to add a 3 car garage to your home!
  5. Music Studio: For those who have a passion for music, there
    just never seems to be enough space to do what you love. Guitars,
    amplifiers, drum sets and the other tools of the trade take up quite a
    lot of space. Why not add another space for the music studio of your
    dreams? A 3 car garage will give you plenty of space to add instruments,
    recording equipment and the works. You’ll be cranking out hits in no
    time with a 3 car garage.
  6. Art Studio: Have a knack for painting or sculpting? It’s
    probably not a good idea to try painting your masterpiece in the
    kitchen or cramped bedroom. The garage is a perfect place to paint, and
    a 3 car garage gives you enough space to set up your own art studio.
    For those who love to paint, draw, sculpt or even weld, a 3 car garage
    can be the ticket to your dream studio and let you do what makes you
    happy without being cramped in the house.
  7. ATV Storage: ATVs are amazing vehicles that go anywhere and
    do just about everything. But where should we put them when we’re not
    using them? How about in the 3 car garage? With a 3 car garage,
    multiple ATVs can be stored and even maintained in the extra space. For
    outdoor enthusiasts who love their ATVs, a 3 car garage is a must.
  8. Boat Storage: Owning a boat is great, but storing it when
    it’s not in the water can be a real pain. Enter 3 car garage, with more
    than enough space to house your water sport needs. Now in the winter
    when your speed boat is in hibernation, you can keep it close to home
    in your 3 car garage where it will be safe and sound.
  9. Restore an Old Classic Car: What’s better than restoring an
    old classic car from a heap of rusty metal to a growling, sleek
    machine? Having an extra garage space to do it in would make this task
    much easier. With a 3 car garage, you’ve got all the room in the world
    to store, build and house your little project whether or not you ever
    get around to finishing it.
  10. House a Beautiful and Expensive Automobile, Of Course: This
    is the classic use of a 3 car garage, and while it doesn’t rate very
    highly on the practicality scale, it’s coolness level is off the charts.
    Wouldn’t your speedy muscle car look nice in its own garage? Of course
    it would!

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